We design games for core gamers.

We are driven by passion.

We are Bad Seed.

Jacopo Musso


Luca Baggio

Art Director

Matteo Sciutteri

Creative Director

Selina Sentina


Paolo Pasquariello

Sound Designer

Antonio Cottone



Bad Seed is an Italian game studio. We’ve been creating innovative games in Milan since 2014.

We believe in delivering high-quality, far-reaching and fun experiences to gamers all over the world.

Our core team of industry veterans had a dream: to bring our signature quality and innovation across platforms, making the gaming world a little brighter and braver.

During the years, we developed different labels to appeal to a variety of gamers: the casual ones, the core gamers, those more into tales and narrative.

We're now working on Crime O'Clock, a fully Black & White crime travel investigation game on gargantuan maps. Crime O'Clock is planned to be released in 2023 on Nintendo Switch and PC.